Design Hacking for Startups: An Evening with Luke Wroblewski

We had our first important meeting outside Santa Clara yesterday. It took place near the Google Plex in East Palo Alto. To go there, we took the bus 57 ($2) and the bus 32 ($1.25) connecting Santa Clara to Fabian Way. For almost 45 mins, we’ve been discussing with the driver who was really nice and gave us a few tips about transportation around the Bay Area. As he’s been there for almost 40 years, he told us about the incredible tech growth there. Near Mountain View, it’s like a jump into the future, you can only see automated Google cars on the road, driving all day and night long, it’s really impressive!

The conference center was located a few meters away from a Google Express store (a delivery service offered by Google but only in California I think) so we could grab Google bikes there as you can see on the picture 🙂



Design Hacking for Startups: An Evening with Luke Wroblewski

The conference started at 7PM with Luke Wroblewski, an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and built software used by more than one billion people worldwide. Luke is currently a Product Director at Google. Earlier he was the CEO and Co-founder of Polar (acquired by Google in 2014) and the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Bagcheck (acquired by Twitter in 2011).


There were a lot of people as you can see on the picture, coming from all over the World! We met a few of them during the networking buffet including investors, software engineers and entrepreneurs.


During the presentation, Luke gave us many tips about the UI & UX in mobile apps and the different user habits/behaviours like how do people usually hold their smartphones and interact with it. This conference was pretty cheap for a high skilled speaker like Luke and it was really interesting for us as we are currently brainstorming on our new mobile app!

As there were no more place for our bikes in the bus (limited to only 2 bikes), we decided to ride from Palo Alto to Santa Clara.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-15 à 11.59.42

The trip was amazing because we discovered all the area by night but it was quite long so we were happy to arrive back home at 1AM 🙂


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