Afterwork and networking

Now it’s time for us to show you our workspace environment. As many other apartments here, there is a common area with a pool, a hot tube and nice workout facilities where we can go when the work is over. Rent are very expensive here because of all these big tech companies. You should rely about $2,000 for one bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen in this kind of apartment complex.


It’s the best workspace we’ve ever been too! And even in the pool you can discuss with other engineers from the Bay area, it never stops!

During the week-end, we met again two people that helped us on our arrival in San Francisco: Kennedy and Subha. We went to Santana Row, a very big Mall with lots of stores in the street as well. As you can see on the pictures, it’s a rather luxurious area with nice cars too 🙂


We ate at the Yard House which is a nice restaurant. There were so many people that we had to wait for 1 hour and a half before having a table. There was a lot of food, from Mexico and USA, burgers, tacos, etc. It was really good! Prices were like in France except that you have to give a 10% to 20% tip of the bill. (Because waiters are paid like only $2/hour and so they earn money with the tips).



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