Cupertino – Apple Headquarters

Today we had the chance to visit the Apple Headquaters. You should know that working there is not a piece of cake since people work 10 hours per day  (from 5am to 17pm) and 6 days a week. The headquaters are split into different departments and each department has its own building. The access to those buildings is forbidden for outsiders but employee’s guests are allowed (therefore, a check-in is required at the entrance). Here are few pictures of the main building once you get inside.


First impression? Apples everywhere… We were wondering if we could get into troubles by taking pictures out there with our Android smartphone 🙂 Hopefully not. After this small tour, we are now heading to the lunch area where you can find different kind of dishes. Every employee gets a free lunch ticket on a daily basis and each meal costs around 7-10$.


Most people there prefer taking the food with them and eat on their desk rather than staying in the cafeteria. What can you say? Hard workers…


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