Menlo Park – Facebook

Thursday was a great day, we first went by car to Menlo Park where we had a visit tour with Mikel who works as PhD recruiter at Facebook!


From the outside you can only see big parkings, nice cars, Facebook bikes and 3-steps building but when you go inside, it’s like a huge playground where you can find everything and most of the time for free! Wanna taste some Indian food? Sushis? Ice creams? Barbecue? Just order whatever you want and your wishes will be pleased.


This small living town inside the main campus is offering all the necessary services you need (hosting, laundry, renting bikes) so you don’t have to leave the campus anymore.


IMG_0225   IMG_0223   IMG_0224IMG_0227IMG_0263IMG_0274IMG_0240IMG_0262

Did you loose your charger or do you need more batteries? Here it is! Just in front of the video games!


Let’s stop dreaming about candies, we still have a tour to finish. We are now heading to the offices where thousands of engineers work to maintain the largest social network in the world. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take picture everywhere but there were huge open spaces and we even saw Mark Zuckerberg’s former office!


As you might notice, most of the engineers prefer working standing up rather than sitting on their chairs because it’s increasing efficiency and concentration. We were also impressed by the building’s architecture which was awesome! Let the pictures speak by themselves.

IMG_20150820_123201 IMG_20150820_123205 IMG_20150820_123217 IMG_20150820_123234IMG_0237IMG_0259


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