Mountain view – Google campus

Today we’ll introduce Google’s main campus to you thanks to our friend Bernard who is currently working there as Optic Leader in the Google X lab (managed by Sergueï Brin himself). Let’s first head to the big canteen since we’ve been invited for lunch 🙂

IMG_20150824_122509 IMG_20150824_115206 IMG_20150824_131317 IMG_0320

As you can see, Google’s colors are present everywhere and like Facebook, you can eat whatever you want for free (Indian food, Chinese, Japanese, American, French etc).


You guys might have already heard about the new incoming Android version under the name “Marshmallow” (version 6.0). Everytime a new update is released, Google is deploying one of its catching eye mascot to get our attention and it seems to work really well!

IMG_0339 IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_20150824_134348 IMG_20150824_134410

Behind those status, you’ll find different medical health buildings taking care of their employees (dental, massage, fitness, etc.) including a free health insurance which is a great advantage in the US (otherwise a medical consultation will cost you around $200).


We finished our tour in front of the Google cars building where we could see an example of them. Those cars are self automated and take pictures all over the street to improve Google Maps.


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